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  • Natural Booze Gathering in ANGERS on February 3rd & 4th

    , by AdB

    We’ve been invited to open a «Natural Spirits» Space at the fair «Levée de la Loire».
    Sympathising professionals! Come and visit us at the «Natural Booze» space at Levée de la Loire on February 3rd and 4th in ANGERS.
    with (alphabetical order):
    Alcool Vivants (Gironde)
    Atelier du Bouilleur (Hérault) (...)

  • Confluence in Lyon

    , by AdB

    Beautiful get together of 7 Natural Booze producers at the fair Sous Les Pavés La Vigne.
    Thanx to Antonin Iommi-Amunategui for organising the fair and for the photo!
    With (from left to right):
    Alice Reveau / Domaine Christian Binner
    Florent Vilisque / L’eau des Vivants
    Baptiste François / (...)

  • Natural Booze @ Sous Les Pavés La Vigne Lyon

    , by AdB

    Organisers of the SLPLV wine faire continue to support the Natural Booze Movment. After Bordeaux in spring, we will bei present at the Lyon edition in autumn, on November 16. & 17.
    On top of dozens of winters who will be present at this 6th Lyon edition of »Sous Les Pavés La Vigne« (Unter (...)

  • RAW Wine goes Natural Booze

    , by AdB

    The international natural wine fair «RAW WINE» is revising their conditions of entry for spirit drinks.
    RAW are revising their spirit terms basing them on elements of the Natural Spirits Manifesto. This is great news. It’s important that professionals from the «natural» community start thinking (...)